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Startups often have a large focus on rapid development. Large, sweeping changes roll in frequently.   As a result, documentation seems futile.  The opinion that is expressed well by GrandmasterB.

Programmers like to program. If we liked to write, we'd be writers. Voting to close because this seems more like rant that should be on a blog. – GrandmasterB Jun 20 '13 at 18:20

According to Eastern Peaks' "Source code documentation best practices," one of the 5 things good code documentation consists of is a way to "...combine automated documentation tools and human input".

It is widely accepted that documenting your code is a necessary evil; that we value the health of the application more than the life of the application. But there's no doubt that code documentation is a chore.


 Akceli was developed with each of these points in mind. Akceli allows you to document your code in a way that is appealing to developers.  The more you document your code standards, the more Akceli can generate for you.  Akceli is not tucked away in a read me, its a terminal application that you use within your Laravel project to generate sections of code based on your standards.  You can prompt the next person to add to the application with a series of questions to make sure the generated code follows standards according the the specifics of the situation.

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